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 Life Coach - Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, UK, 
David Melling  Hypnotherapist '' I am convinced that we all have within us the means to transform and to alter the course of our lives. The ability to change and alter our direction simply by changing our thought process. Life Energy Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can tune into the inner energy that influences the route we take.  From giving up smoking, combating life limiting phobia to beating depression. Life Energy Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help''.
Hypnotherapy for rebuilding your          Confidence and Motivation. Combat Anxiety, Stress,
     Phobia, Help to combat Depression.
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David W Melling
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Hypnosis and NLP
Hypnotherapy,NLP for Modern People
who live modern lives.
I write every word of this site myself. No it is not glossy and a professionally designed Hypnotherapy site and yes you can tell. However as I write it is almost as though I am talking to you personally and that is how I think hypnotherapy should be, personal and direct. With over 35 years of Industry Management and Directorship experience. My life experience is vast. Experiences I now use in my hypnotherapy. Enabling me to offer you complete understanding and lasting hypnotic results.
'Join me on hypnotic journey of self discovery. Allow Hypnotherapy and NLP to release your true potential. Imagine what it would be like to Face your Fears and to re-build the confidence and motivation that lies within you. Face Phobia,Anxiety,  Stress,Lack of Confidence and  Motivation,Low Self Esteem. Live your life happily without the limitations that have held you back. My hypnotheray and hypnosis is direct and lasting. I speak in terms relevant to the 21st century. Without technical phrases,and without the mystique and terminology often associated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I use modern language and methods, direct and to the point'
21st century hypnotherapy for 21st century people
a few examples of situations of where hypnotherapy
and hypnosis can help
Hypnosis and NLP
  •  Give up smoking,
  •  Stop Smoking.
  •  Loose Weight,
  •  Combat Nerves,
  •  Phobia,
  •  Exam Nerves,
  •  Fear of Flying,
  •  Actors,Singers,Performance Nerves.
  •  Stage Fright.
  •  Dancers and Performance Artist Nerves.
  •  Exam Confidence and Nerves.
  •  Job hunting perseverance.
  •  Starting a new job
  •  Male impotence
  •  Cannabis Smoking.
  •  Flying fear.
  •  Flying Phobia. 
  •   Lack of Confidence
  •  Low Motivation.
  •  Low Self-Esteem,
  •  Sports Confidence,
  •  Sports Performance,
  •  Professional Sports Confidence, 
  •  TV Presenter nerves/ Low Confidence
  •  Celebrity Life Coaching
  •  Executive Life Coaching,         
  •  Driving Test Nerves,
  •  Being able to cope,
  •  Panic Attacks,
  •  Anxiety,
  •  Stress,
  •  Blushing
  •  Depression. 
  •   Hypochondria
  •  Agoraphobia
  •  Claustrophobia
  •  Insomnia
  •  Jealousy
  •  Paranoia
  •  Fear of the Dentist
  •  Public Speaking Nerves
  •  Fear of Heights
  •  Heights Fear.
  •  Fear of Animals
  •  and Many More
  •  continue down the page for more.
What Hypnotherapy services do I offer. Firstly one to one Confidence and Motivation Coaching,using NLP, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. As you move through my site you will see just a few of the areas were Hypnotherapy can help. For example Exam Stress is a typical situation were NLP and Hypnotherapy could be of help . And of course we have  Hypnotherapy for Phobias, Smoking and Weight Loss. Look to the list on the left of this page it will give some indication as to the areas of help I provide. All on a one to one basis at my Heswall office or at your home.
Hypnotherapy and NLP Hypnosis for Sports Motivation and Confidence Coaching,improve your game or if you are a Manager improve your motivational ability.
Hypnotherapy and NLP For the Performing Arts , combat stage nerves and improve
your confidence. Release your true potential.
Life Coaching, Improve your life, build your confidence and self-esteem.
Add new Goals into your Life Plan. Make life fun. Executive life-coaching
in complete confidence.This is just a small example of what I offer. Journey
through my site I know I can convince you that I can make a difference to
your life and your business.
                   Hypnosis and NLP                                              Hypnotic Symbolism
Hypnotic Symbolism is a fast and effective hypnotic process that gets to the route
of your problem fast. Created by World
Respected Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist Jonathan Chase and his Academy of Hypnotic Arts. A modern process with lasting results.
Perfect for Giving up Smoking and for loosing Weight
Face your Fears and re-build your Confidence. Let me help you with whatever your problem may be, business or your social life. The list of conditions I treat with Hypnotherapy and NLP is endless. Before you commit to a session of Hypnotherapy I offer a free 20 minute consultation. The decision to continue with the Hypnotherapy is completely yours. Visit my Wirral Office or home visits can be arranged. Or even have an interesting evening of NLP and Hypnosis with your friends.
Build Motivation and Confidence, eliminate Low-Self-Esteem. Add Goals
into your Life Plan, 1 year, 5 year, 10 or even 15.
Discover the new confident you.
We are now experiencing the worst down-turn in our economy since
the 1930's. We are told daily that confidence is at an all time low.We
must prepare now for the up-turn that will come soon.
Celebrity Mind and Life Coaching
Improve your game. Football, Golf,Tennis, Athletics.The list of sports is endless. Increase your personal confidence and motivation and in turn improve your ability.
As a Team Manager increase your confidence and motivational skills. By using
NLP and Time Line Therapy without the use of Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy. 
Celebrity Mind and Life Coaching
Step onto that stage and enjoy the applause of your appreciative audience. Control
your Fear and your Nerves. Do you have a talent and the only thing holding you
back is your lack of confidence? By using NLP and Hypnotherapy you can control your fears and nerves. I can help you to improve your confidence. Let your talent
speak for you, confident.
From one of the regions Top Reflexologists.
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smoke can kill give it upHypnotherapy
and Hypnosis for
Phobias and those
harmful habits
such as:-
Do you want to give up smoking?
    Think of the benefits to your health and your pocket. NLP, TLT and
Hypnosis can help.
A small example of the HYPNOTHERAPY
and NLP treatments that are available.
  • Performing Arts,
  • Acting nerves
  • Performing nerves
  • On-Stage nerves
  • Professional Actors loss of confidence 
  • Confidence,
  • Stop Smoking
  • Give up Smoking
  • Fear and Nerves.
  • Celebrity Mind and Life Coaching
  • Sports Confidence and Motivation.
  • Improve sports ability.
  • Improve your Golf Game
  • Improve your Football Game
  • Improve your Tennis Game
  • Professional sports loss of confidence
  • Professional Race Driving Confidence
  • Public Speaking nerves
  • Authors writers block
  •  Loss of your Business
  •  Redundancy
  • TV Presenter loss of confidence
  • Police Officer loss of confidence
  • Social Worker loss of confidence
  • Dangerous employment loss of confidence
  • Social Interaction loss of confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Stress,                                              
  • Shyness.
  • Paranoia,
  • Insomnia,
  • Depression.
  • Jealousy,
  • Panic Attacks,
  • Drinking
  • Anger
  • Fear of Heights
Hypnosis and NLP
  • Combat low self esteem.
  • Instill confidence in others.
  • Improve relationships.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Face each day with new enthusiasm.
  • Be a major team player.
  • Face those exams with renewed confidence.
  • Interview confidence.
  • Phobias. Hypnosis
  • Give up Smoking. Hypnosis
  • Loose weight. Hypnosis
  • Driving Test Confidence.Hypnosis
  • Fear of Flying.Hypnosis
  • Executive loss of confidence
  • Teachers loss of confidence
'Thanks again Dave I can at last sleep and I wake up feeling good,
John. Great Sutton. St Wirral
Just a note to thank you. Tom is so happy and confident.
Yesterday he took the dog for a walk for the first time in years.
Janice.  Moreton. Wirral
David, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. I have at last
found Mr Right. That added confidence made all the difference.
Liz.  Pensby. Wirral
Your talk of last week has made such a difference. Myself
and my sales crew are now full of confidence and so motivated. We all now
look toward a healthy and profitable future.
Jim.  Cheshire.
I have at last found the answer to my smoking. From 30 a day down
to zero in 2 sessions, just amazing. Thank you so much.
Joseph. West Kirby. Wirral
Thanks once again for taking time to talk with Kevin and the lads.
Your half day training session has helped them to approach customers
with much more confidence,and sales have increased.
Roy.  Widnes. Cheshire
David W Melling.
Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist
Motivation and Life Coach
Celebrity Mind and Life Coaching
Qualified in the Art of
Hypnotic Symbolism.
From The Academy of Hypnotic Arts.
Using modern methods for 21st century people.
Contact me direct on. 07835650648
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