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My recover, a temporary set back.
Almost 12 months since Heart Surgery.....update.
9 months after heart surgery ( update)
7 months into recovery
5 1/2 months recovery and a strange dream


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My recover, a temporary set back.

It has been some time since I last posted an update on my Heart Surgery,and I did promise to keep you informed of my experiences. Another year end approaches and I look back at a rather eventful year. It began with my attitude being positive and looking forward to a full recovery and a healthy future.     Well.......,basically that is how the year has been, except for during the later part of the year I have been plagued by "would you believe"  GOUT, yes that strangely medieval and humorous sounding illness that caused Henry VIII such torturous pain.

Almost 12 months since Heart Surgery.....update.

I am sitting writing my blog today and feeling very proud of myself.......it is almost 1 year since I had my heart surgery and I am feeling great. How fast time has passed and so much has been acheived with so much learnt.  Thank you for your messages of support. I am amazed that my blog has reach so many and in so many corners of the world. I had always hoped that sharing my experiences would help others in similar circumstances. 
Now for the update........ My exercise level is not as it was 5 years ago, however walking and cycling has increased my fitness levels to a satisfactory standard bearing in mind I will never run a marathon.

9 months after heart surgery ( update)

Thank you all for your wonderful and supportive comments. My hope when I started this blog was to help and if I could help just one person that was my aim achieved. 

Time has passed so quickly and I can hardly believe that 9 months has passed since my heart surgery. It has been a time that I have learnt so much. I look back pre-surgery and the biggest obstacle you face is fear. Fear of the surgery, fear of pain, fear of the unknown and of course fear of death. Fear can hold you back and create barriers to your eventual recovery.

7 months into recovery

A further update on my heart surgery. It's amazing to think that it is now 7 months since I underwent such a major procedure. Apart from my scare, the drugs I take each day and Atrial Fibulation I feel wonderful. That sounds a lot to cope with but believe me it is'nt. Before my surgery I could'nt walk up stairs orup hills and my energy was very low. I missed the active life that I had always enjoyed. I would look back to the wonderful holidays walking across the wonderful cities of Europe.

5 1/2 months recovery and a strange dream

Well, its now five and a half months since my Heart Surgery and apart from the odd
ache and pain in the morning I would say that I am back to normal. Being back at the gym has been a wonderful aid to physical and mental recovery. I 5 gone crazy with my workouts. I have been taking it easy and gradually building up. There were days when the spirits were low, but as I said before those days are expected and part of the healing process. If you have had any form of surgery expect the bad days.

Heart Surgery update.

Hello my friends.We have another update ( as promised ) on my heart surgery recovery. Thank you for your kind comments, it is amazing how far my blog has reached and as I have aways said if I can help one person to overcome their fears it has all been worth while.
It is now 4 and a half months since my surgery and each day I see some improvement. I look back at my pre-surgery blogs and my attempts to overcome my fears, and yes fear is in my opinion your major obstacle. However, I guarantee that once your procedure is over you will look back and you will say ' it was not as bad as I thought it would be'.

4 months into recovery.

I did promise to post a regular update of my condition after heart surgery. Probably boring for most but if I have helped just one person to get through a difficult period of their lives it has been worth it. Well, it has now been 4 months and apart from a stiff back and sore ribs every morning I would say that I am well on the road to full recovery. No longer do I have to attend the hospital as a once a year check up is sufficient. OK, I have been left with something called Atrial Fibulation (AF) which is an irregular heart beat, and as long as I take my medication it will not affect me. But hey, I am alive and looking forward to my future. All that worry prior to surgery.  I now look back and I still say it wasn't as bad as I expected. To those of you facing surgery, believe me your fears and worries will pass, keep looking forward to your eventual recovery. Have a great and healthy 2013.

what have I learnt this year.

I continue my journey of recovery from heart surgery. Each day is a step in the right direct, a step toward my healthy life. I have often used the phrase 'what have I learnt' as I see each day as a learning experience. At this time of year I look back at what I have learnt from the year past. Seven lessons that have helped me through during a difficult year.
Lesson 1: Life is so special and should not be wasted. I see so much life and time wasting.
Lesson 2: Cherish those you love,  My wife, children and grandchildren have played a major part in my recovery, they are so special to me.

changes in 2012

How quickly 2012 has passed. It has been a big year for me, so much has happened good and bad. However as always I look back at the lessons I have learnt. Lesson one, what a great country we have. The olympics and the Royal celebrations showed the world that we British can compete with the best. We are a nation that has learnt its lessons. I can remember the political strife of the 70s and 80s.Two opposing opinions determined to bully the opposition into submission. The result was the demise of British Industry.

3 months into recovery

I am now 3 months into my recovery from heart surgery. It is amazing how quickly time has passedand I look back at a period in my life that wasn't all bad. Leading up to surgery you are filled with the usual fears and dark thoughts. Will I survive? How will thequality of my life be affected? Will there be pain?. Well yes I did survive, the quality of my life has improved and there is some expected pain for a short period of time but it was controlled and it passed. On reflection it was an experience not as bad as expected.