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I am sitting at my computer writing this page and trying to put into as few words as possible as to what makes a successful Hypnotherapist and Coach. And the phrase that keeps coming back to me is 'I have lived life'. I firmly believe that you can not begin to understand people and life unless you have lived the experiences for yourself 'and I have'. From success to failure and back to success, from the depths of despair to the peak of the mountain. Believe me I have been there. I tell you as it is without false promises. I will not tell you how to make a million ( I don,t know how to) nor will I give you a recipe to live your life. You are individuals you will live your own life as you want . However I will provide you with the CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION to live your life Fulfilled and in Happiness and if it is your desire to make a million good for you.We can add those Goals into your life plan,  Goals of your choosing.
Where did the CONFIDENCE go?. Daily we are bombarded by phrases such as, Confidence in The Economy is at all time low, Confidence in the housing market falling. No Confidence in our Politicians. Business Confidence low. No Confidence in the Banking System.The Confidence within our Society took an almighty nose dive and it happened so fast and look at the results. Come on Britain we have always had CONFIDENCE. Put the BUZZ back into BRITAIN.
A phrase you will see repeated time and time again on my site is JUST IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE being able to combat whatever situation you face. Well, your imagination can become your reality. Take a few moments and allow your imaginations to take you on a journey back in time, far far back to the beginning, to the start of human kind. The first person to use a fire to cook and heat, what did he have apart from ingenuity? he had confidence. It is now thought that the world has been populated by a tribe of 200 crossing the Red
Sea from Africa into Europe. What did the leader of that tribe have, CONFIDENCE. Confidence in his leadership and his natural abilities, confidence in his vision, his IMAGINATION, that beyond the next hill food and water await his tribe. Society and Civilisation has been built upon the IMAGINATION and CONFIDENCE of great leaders and visionaries.
They had the CONFIDENCE to turn their
IMAGINATION into reality. 
Yes, your imagination can become your reality. And yes your Confidence, your new re-energised confidence will contribute to your ability to face and combat your limiting beliefs, your phobias and your fears. 
If your life has been held back by limiting beliefs and Phobias. I will do all I can to help, I never give up, we will face your problems together. If you take a look at my first page I give a small example of the situations I treat. In fact the list is endless. I would like to help, just imagine a life free of the situation that has held you back.
Imagine turning your imagination into your reality.
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