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The disco ball
Are you stressed. Do you feel a knot within your stomach. Ok firstly put on music that you enjoy. Head phones or speakers, either will do.
Right, relax and listen to your music. Allow every cell of your body to relax, from your head, your chest, stomach, arms and legs. Completely relax. Now identify where that knot is. Is it in your chest or your stomach. Imagine that knot as a white shining ball the size of an orange covered in white lights. Now in time with the music spin it inside your body turning toward you. Spin it faster and faster and move it in time with the music around your body. Into your chest, head,arms, legs..........spin it faster and faster. Imagine the white lights spinning with the ball. Spin it........... Spin it............. Spin it . Keep your eyes closed and stay relaxed.
When the track is half way through, push the ball out of your body,  feel the ball spin out of you. Start spinning in the opposite direction. Turn the lights into colour, red, blue, green whatever colour you like to visualise. Spin faster and faster moving the ball further and further away until it becomes no larger that a marble in the distance and as the track finishes clap your hands once and the ball with your stress will disappear in a puff of smoke. Now open your eyes and relax. 
Enjoy......... this is good fun.
Getting to that paperwork you have been putting off.
Have you been putting something off ?  such as important paperwork?.........  Maybe this will help.
Sit back close your eyes and relax.
1. Think of an image of something you really like doing. Maybe going to the Gym or Walking. ( Whatever you choose). But it must be something you really enjoy. Make this image clear and sharpe. Hear any sounds there may be and make them clear.
2. Imagine a small image of you doing that paperwok in the centre of this image.
3. In a split second imagine the small image growing into and replacing the bigger image so that you can see yourself doing the paperwork you have been avoiding.
4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 a few times replacing the large image with the small....... quicky and you will notice your feeling of motivation to get on with that paperwork grow. 
HYPNOTHERAPY fighting STRESS, Wirral, Chester, Cheshire, Liverpool,